Aerial Video Winter Storm 2014 Alabama Part 2

Alabama was hit with snow again on Wednesday, February 12, 2014. I had a service call that put me in the Shoals (Florence, AL area),  working at Shoals Hospital. The return trip took me through some of the heaviest snowfall I have ever driven through. I was driving a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee that was only two-wheel-drive.

Jeep Grand Cherokee
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee – and it’s for sale!

I lowered the tire pressure to 14 psi, and with careful driving the tires stuck to the road.  This time pretty much everyone had plenty of warning and stayed off the roads. The city was vacant, quiet and covered in the most beautiful snow I have ever seen. I could not pass up a perfect opportunity to capture some incredible video to share with you all!  The first shot is of  the cross at Gardendale First Baptist, followed by a snow-covered car dealership along US 31. After dinner I headed back to downtown Birmingham and stopped at Railroad Park and watched a few people sled down the stairs. I then went to  Regions Baseball Park,  Southside Baptist,  the Five Points South Fountain, and even the Waffle House across the street in Southside. Other scenes include the  Powell Avenue Steam Plant, Cathedral Church of the Advent,  Linn Park,  Highland Park,  Sloss Furnace,  The Summit shopping center,  English Village in Mountain Brook, and  Altamont Road, where I  filmed my own car 🙂 and a snowman.  I am honored to be able to share this with everyone.  And once again thanks to my friend Daniel Clark for editing this video.  Feel free to share.

-Kevin Henderson
Aerial Snow Photos from February 13, 2014