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Carbon Fiber Props on a Phantom 2 – Results Are Incredible! – Video

For more than a year, I have been trying to minimize the vibrations in video shot using a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter with stock props and a GoPro modified with a 5.4mm lens. I’ve gotten really close but still have yet to completely eliminate them. I’ve used the DJI 9443 and the new DJI 9450 plastic props. The 9450s do give slightly more flight time, but in my tests I always have fewer vibrations while using the 9443, even when both are perfectly balanced. If I fly slow and steady in light to no wind, I’ve been somewhat successful in producing very smooth shots; however, I have never been able to fly at speed or make abrupt movements without some jello or micro-vibrations.

I read up on carbon fiber props and have seen many mixed reviews. Many told me that I would get more vibrations and that it wasn’t worth it, but I had to try for myself. I found a set on Amazon

After they arrived, I inspected them for any damage or anything that looked out of spec. Then I installed the propellers and did a ground preflight run-up with the quadcopter secured, and everything tested good. Next was a free flight hover a few feet off the ground to test for stability. After it tested good again, I took it to a field and flew hard, producing vibration-free video with no effort.

While using the 5.4mm lens on a GoPro shooting 1080P 60fps, I made high-speed runs, abrupt turns, altitude climbs, and quick forward descents, and I flew in every direction;  I saw practically no vibrations in any of the maneuvers. The only time it twitched was when I made a very abrupt turn, and the camera hit the mount.  Watch on a large LCD and you’ll see how smooth these shots are. Just imagine if I tried to get a smooth shot–it would be perfect.

Flight duration test yielding a lower flight time than the stock prop. Using a healthy battery, at 12.5 minutes I hit the 1st warning with voltage at 10.7v  at 14 minutes is was ready to fall out of the sky.  This was carrying a Zenmuse H33D, GoPro, and a GHz transmitter.

Carbon fiber propellers are very dangerous, and you must be careful when using them. Always keep a  safe distance from people. If a plastic prop hits you, it might rough you up or make a small cut, but if a carbon fiber prop hits you, you’ll be missing some fingers.

The video below is unedited and shot in 60fps to help show any micro-vibrations that exist.

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